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From "Ross Gardler" <>
Subject Re: [apache-forrest-0.8] problem with java script file location
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 13:00:00 GMT
On 26/04/07,
<> wrote:
> I create a new site with "forrest seed" command
> then I put the two files  (nobelists.htm and nobelists.js) in a directory

Please see my previous mail - js files should be in "resources/scripts"

> In the file main/webapp/WEB-INF/logkit.xconf , I change the line
>       <category name="" log-level="INFO">
> by the line
>       <category name="" log-level="DEBUG">

Wrong line, as descibed we need the locationmap log level to be
increased, find the following line:

<!-- Locationmap logger -->
<category name="modules.mapper.lm" log-level="INFO">

and change the log level to DEBUG

> I quit the windows command window, and redo "forrest run"
> In the file build\webapp\WEB-INF\logs\core.log , there are the following lines

Please see my previous mail, you want the locationmap log (although
the messages from the locationmap are exhoed in the core log, it's
just less cluttered in the locationmap log) (it's located in the same
directory and named locationmap.log)

> WARN    (2007-04-26) 08:44.53:833   [core.manager] (Unknown-URI) Unknown-Thread/CoreServiceManager:
ComponentLocator exception from parent SM during lookup.

That's a warning so is not important here.

>     <link href="nobelists.js" type="application/json" rel="exhibit/data" />

That's OK, as described in the earlier mail *.js resources are looked
for in the "resources/scripts" directory.

Can you also please see my previous mail and answer the questions
asked in there. It helps to prevent us wasting time going down dead


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