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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Could not find component for role error
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 22:20:33 GMT
Thomas Dudziak wrote:
> I'm trying to get Forrest (0.7 or 0.8) running on my new development
> machine (Ubuntu Feisty, Java 1.5), but have been unsuccessful so far.
> Both forrest versions throw errors (though different ones) for a doc
> build that has been working with Forrest 0.7 for the longest time (and
> is untouched since the last, successful run).
> (In case you're curious, it is the doc target in the build file of
> Apache DdlUtils, Source files related
> to Forrest can be found here:
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     [java]
>     [java]
>     [java] X [0]                                     linkmap.html
> BROKEN: Could not find component for role:
> [org.apache.cocoon.components.modules.input.InputModule/project]
> (Key='org.apache.cocoon.components.modules.input.InputModule/project')
>     [java] Total time: 0 minutes 3 seconds,  Site size: 0 Site pages: 0
>     [java] Java Result: 1

See the upgrade instructions at

I see that you have your own project sitemap
at src/doc/src/documentation/sitemap.xmap

This needs to be changed to replace the "{project:"
patterns as described.

However i do not see why you even need the project
sitemap. You are not using it for anything.
So just remove it completely.

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The same setup, this time with Forrest 0.7 produces this:

Did you do a 'forrest clean' in your project docs space
after switching forrest versions?

> While this is a longer error message, unfortunately I cannot make
> sense of either error :-(
> Any idea what might be causing this ?

Not following the upgrade instructions.


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