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From Telford <>
Subject Re: Can't create a multi-language static site
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2007 00:55:34 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Andrew Telford wrote:
>> I am using the current svn HEAD (r520669). I added
>> project.i18n=true
> ...
>> The comment that comes with the "project.i18n" property says that "if 
>> you want to use it for static site then modify the JVM 
>> system.language and run once per language".  This part escapes me.  I 
>> have tried various things, like adding 
>> "forrest.jvmargs=-Dsystem.language=fr" or 
>> "forrest.jvmargs="-Dsystem.language=fr"" to, doing 
>> an "export LANG=fr" in the shell before running forrest, etc., but 
>> nothing seems to result in forrest generating content in build/site/fr.
>> Can anyone give some specific instructions to help me "run once per 
>> language" to generate a multilanguage static site? I am on gentoo linux.
> Does help?
I tried with a freshly generated seed site and using the current forrest
HEAD (524481) to follow the instructions in 

.  It does generate files with the .en and .es endings, which would be
great for apache content negotiation, but the the created
is generated from the source file file index.xml, not  It
seems that the exported LANG environment variable is having no effect.
(It does pick up the content from if I browse to a dynamic
site ("forrest run")  and set the browser language preferences.)

Either these instructions are out of date for 0.8-dev or I have made a
mistake. Can someone confirm either way?  Are there any other
mechanisms, such as property settings, for setting the language when
doing a "forrest site"?  I would be happy contribute some documentation
if I could get it to work,

> It would be really useful if you could write an outline doc describing 
> how you get i18n working. This comes up fairly frequently and we 
> disparately need a doc (as you have discovered). It doesn't matter if 
> it is not complete, just something more than we currently have.
> Ross

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