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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Problem with rss2document transformation
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2007 21:01:42 GMT
holly wrote:
> Jens Fendler wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm currently evaluating Forrest (0.7) as a new platform for our
>> departmental website.
>> One problem I'm experiencing is the conversion from RSS news feeds to
>> xdocs format using the rss2document.xsl stylesheet.
>> Most of the feeds I'd like to include on the site include HTML elements
>> within CDATA sections. I'm aware that there's no 1-1 mapping between
>> xdoc elements and HTML elements and some elements might not have their
>> counterparts in xdocs, but I'd like to preserve at least anchors and
>> simple formatting like <br>, <em> or <b> tags. 
>> Although the stylesheet uses disable-output-escaping="yes", Forrest
>> seems to perform another conversion later on that replaces the inline
>> HTML tags with their text entities (ie. &lt;em&gt; instead of <em>)
>> (which gives quite an annoying look in the sections' text).
>> Could somebody give me a hint as to where to look and change this
>> behaviour for the rss pages I'm generating?
>> Thanks a lot,
>> 	Jens
> {FORREST_HOME}/main/webapp/resources/stylesheets/rss2document.xsl
> I always overwrite this and customize it in the app I am working on by placing
> it in
> {my_app_home}/src/skins/{my_skin}/xslt/html/
> then
> {my_app_home}/src/resources/stylesheets/all-feeds.xsl pulls the data:
> <xml><xsl:stylesheet>{params}{vars}
> <xsl:template><rss><channel>
> <xsl:for-each select="">
> <item></item>
> </xsl:for-each>
> </channel></rss></xsl:template></xsl:stylesheet>

Rather than do local customisations it would be much better for everyone 
if we add the desired functionality to the Forrest code, with a config 
property if necessary, so that others can benefit and Forrest continues 
to improve.

I understand that this can mean a little more work (generalising, config 
properties and patch creation), but Forrest would not be here if those 
who have gone before us didn't do that little bit of work.

(of course, we appreciate contributions to the user list too, there are 
plenty of people who wouldn't even take the time for that ;-)


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