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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Generating an aggregated xml from all the files in a directory
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2007 21:08:36 GMT
Vassilis Koutavas wrote:
> Thank you both very much! I would've never discovered how this works by 
> myself.

Glad you got it working.

It would be really helpful if you could put your new found skills into a 
  entry for our FAQ, or if you have a little more time perhaps a How-To.

> I still don't understand which is the root element of the
> aggregation and I don't know how to debug in forrest to find out. I
> just matched the root element with "/" in the xsl.

When it comes to understanding the Cocoon components, the best resource 
is the Cocoon docs. So for the directory generator you have [1] and for 
the XPath generatpr [2]

> I also added the above in the sitemap.xmap, instead of the input.xml,
> because I don't find any reason why the input.xmap file needs to
> exist. Maybe it has a reason if you speak about seperate modules and
> plugins, but none for a single project.

Yes, I pointed you to an example in a plugin, but you opted to put it in 
to your project sitemap. This is perfectly OK if the work is only 
appropriate to that particular project. Otherwise you would want to put 
it in a plugin [3]

> Another point in the resume example that I had to change is the value
> of the "src" field of the xpathdirectory generator from
> {property:content.xdocs}{1}buildings
> to
> {project:content.xdocs}{1}buildings

Yes, I should have thought to mention that. The Resume plugin is written 
for 0.8-dev, but you appear to be using 0.7.

> Thanks again for your help, and I wish in the future there will be a
> *real* reference document for forrest and cocoon. (See Java's API
> reference to see how I think it should look like.)

I think if you look at the links I provide below that all the low level 
documentation is available. What is missing is a nice clear description 
of how to use this in a specific use case, like yours. It has come up 
before on this list, so this documentation also exists in the list 
archives (and thanks to your follow up here it is now even clearer in 
the archives)

We welcome any further contribution to our docs.



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