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From "holly" <>
Subject Re: Problem with rss2document transformation
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007 17:31:36 GMT

Jens Fendler wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm currently evaluating Forrest (0.7) as a new platform for our
> departmental website.
> One problem I'm experiencing is the conversion from RSS news feeds to
> xdocs format using the rss2document.xsl stylesheet.
> Most of the feeds I'd like to include on the site include HTML elements
> within CDATA sections. I'm aware that there's no 1-1 mapping between
> xdoc elements and HTML elements and some elements might not have their
> counterparts in xdocs, but I'd like to preserve at least anchors and
> simple formatting like <br>, <em> or <b> tags. 
> Although the stylesheet uses disable-output-escaping="yes", Forrest
> seems to perform another conversion later on that replaces the inline
> HTML tags with their text entities (ie. &lt;em&gt; instead of <em>)
> (which gives quite an annoying look in the sections' text).
> Could somebody give me a hint as to where to look and change this
> behaviour for the rss pages I'm generating?
> Thanks a lot,
> 	Jens


I always overwrite this and customize it in the app I am working on by placing
it in
{my_app_home}/src/resources/stylesheets/all-feeds.xsl pulls the data:
<xsl:for-each select="">

I hope that helps.
One thing to try as well: use this as a template to generate a Google Base xml
file to bulk submit content. Regular rss does not contain the required xml
tags and nesting for this. One of these days I'll make a forrest component for
 generating all rss, googlebase, google sitemap, yahoo/msn sitemap. we need an
automated submission engine too. I'm working on this.


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