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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: faq pages not rendering
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 00:28:20 GMT
Kent Butler wrote:
> Hi - 
> I'm new to Forrest but it looks great so far.  I'm using v0.8 which I
> downloaded yesterday.

To be clear, you are using 0.8-dev via an SVN checkout.

> I ran into a problem using a FAQ page in my document - I don't get any
> build errors and I can browse the document just fine, but when I select
> my FAQ page on the side-nav, the content pane is blank.
> To be clear, everything is rendered except the content of the faq.html
> file itself.  I still have side-menu, tabs, images, etc.  It seems like
> the renderer that processes 'faqs' DTD content gave up,'s the
> Forrest sample faq.html.
> To troubleshoot this I tried using/comparing stuff from the default
> 'seed' site.  So my FAQ page is actually the samples/faq.html.  On the
> default site ('forrest seed') I can see the page contents fine.

I presume that you mean that you have copied the
samples/faq.xml (not .html) to your xdocs/ref/import.xml
according to your site.xml snippet below.

> The WEB-INF/logs core.log and error.log look the same as the default
> site. Build results for my little project are cleaner than the default
> site, but both start up with a few Warnings about some resource
> locations. 

I think that you can ignore those. They are Cocoon startup
messages. Would love to get rid of them, as they are confusing.
Help appreciated on the dev list.

> I'm befuddled. I couldn't find anything in the Versioned Docs addressing
> this, known bugs, or mail archives. At least a logged error would give
> me something to go on. I've simplified my project as much as possible.
> Following is my site.xml and tabs.xml files.  I haven't modified
> at all, and only a few changes to skinconf.xml.
> ------ Contents of my site.xml --------
>   <about label="About">
>     <index label="Index" href="index.html" description="CRM References
> Overview"/>
>   </about>
>   <reference label="Reference" href="ref/" tab="ref">
>     <index label="Overview" href="ref-index.html"/>
>     <faq label="Data Import" href="import.html" description="Import FAQ"
> />
>   </reference>

What happens if you do the following instead:
mv xdocs/ref/import.xml xdocs/ref/import-faq.html
<faq label="Data Import" href="import-faq.html" description=...

I see in main/webapp/sitemap.xmap line 479
  <map:match pattern="**faq.xml">
    <map:mount uri-prefix="" src="faq.xmap" check-reload="yes" />
The faq.xmap then acts on the doctype declaration.
It seems that we use a reserved word "**faq".

> ------ Contents of my tabs.xml --------
>   <tab id="" label="Home" dir="" indexfile="index.html"/>
>   <tab id="ref" label="Reference" dir="ref" indexfile="ref-index.html"/>
> ------ Changes to my skinconf.xml --------
> values of the <project-*> tags
> values of the <group-*> tags
> change <trail> to location="none"
> values of <feedback> info
> And that's it.  I do have FORREST_HOME defined as a system EnvVar (I'm
> using WinXP), and the bin/ dir is in my path.
> Thanks for any thoughts or ideas - 

Thanks for your clear issue description.


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