Thanks for the note, Steven.  The following URL,,

seems interesting in the sense that it sort of supports what I’d like to do, however, a couple of things stand in the way.

·         Derby is unnecessary for my case, guess, I can bypass it

·         From the code sample, it seems that one has to write his own JSP code, also, the sample does not seem to use MVC framework like FORM interface and process are all bundled into one page …  Then what’s the point of plug-in?

·         And don’t know if configuring the Web Tools Platform is going to be pain in the b???


Am wondering if this is a good option for an interim solution (boss wants something quick and dirty for now)


On the up side, my dev box already has TomCat and JRE installed




Don Li


From: Steven Pierce []
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 2:06 PM
Subject: Re: OT: plugin for web access to a relational database




I have heard nothing but good about Eclipse. I was at the ApacheCon this year

and it was one of the topics covered. 




On 1/24/07, Li, Don <> wrote:


This is sort of OT (off topic).  However, bear with me as an open source
newbie.  Here's what I want to do: finding an open source package that
would allow me to provide a Web-based interface to run some canned
reports and support dynamic queries off a SQL Server 2000 -based
database without writing my own JSP pages or at least making code
writing minimal.

Did a quick googling for it, it seems that Eclipse Web Tools Platform
(WTP) is an option.  Before I dive into it, I'd like to see if someone
here has done something similar, thoughts/comments?