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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: SVG images not displayed in PDFs using Forrest version 0.8
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 04:31:38 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> Anyway, just confirming, this is also the case with all images
> On the published forrest website, no images showing in PDFs.
> (png or svg)

Not "all" missing. There are some, e.g. in your-project.pdf
These seem to be PNGs relative to the document.

But yes, others are missing, e.g. in dtdx/document-v20.pdf

This seems to be consistent with FOR-635

> > From: Gav....
> > > From: Steve Odlind
> > >
> > > PNGs display fine in html and PDF (as long as they are in the
> > > resources/images directory).
> > >
> > > SVG images are not displayed in PDFs, regardless of the directory they
> > > are in. I have tried resources/images and xdocs/images.
> > 
> > Well, Having tested this again using
> > http://localhost:8888/samples/linking.pdf
> > 
> > It seems you are correct, this wasn't the case before, I remember some of
> > The images showing, now none of them are, not even png images appear for
> > me On the above page. This is using skins 0.8-dev with only pdf plugin.

Are you sure that you have followed the FAQ?

> > Perhaps something has changed to make FOR-635 even worse of an issue than
> > It once was. This is a quick investigation, I'll look into it more.

I investigated this again today. In light of Steve's comments
tried the current examples on various past versions of Forrest.
The bad behaviour is consistent.

Steve can you please try the example:
cd my-new-sample
forrest seed-sample
forrest run
and the PDF.

Then try adding your example. Tell us what happens.

I don't see any of the SVG generated PNGs in the PDF.
This is the same for me in various versions, see the comments

What is your localhost URI (i.e. the a@href) for the image
that works for you in 0.7 version?


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