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From andy <>
Subject Documentation isnt clear about creating a plugin
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 01:14:26 GMT

I had a problem creating my first plugin with forrest so I thought Id
document it so that others can avoid falling into the same trap.

I started with 0.8 dev compiled from the svn repository installed to
/home/andy/forrest as the FORREST_HOME directory

I did a 
$ cd /home/andy/forrest/plugins
$ ant seedPlugin

which created the plugin directory

$cd com.hazlorealidad.forrest.plugin.input.sportsML

$ant test


/home/andy/forrest/plugins/build.xml:356: The following error occurred
while executing this line:
/home/andy/forrest/main/targets/plugins.xml:410: The following error
occurred while executing this line:
/home/andy/forrest/main/targets/plugins.xml:431: The following error
occurred while executing this line:
/home/andy/forrest/main/targets/plugins.xml:372: STOP GENERATION !
    WARNING - Cannot find the plugin description

    Unable to find the description of
com.hazlorealidad.forrest.plugin.input.sportsML in the different
descriptor files.
    This plugin used by this project (declared in
project.required.plugins variable of the
    Forrest will stop the generation now.
    To correct this :
      - Check the name of the plugin and correct it in case it is wrong,
      - Add the missing descriptor file in the list in the
forrest.plugins.descriptors variable ( if

However the last line of in the plugin(current)
directory has:

The error message is misleading it doesnt mention that the desciptor
isnt found in plugins.xml and should be added.

Re reading the documentation I guessed that I had to add it there

 <plugin name="com.hazlorealidad.forrest.plugin.input.sportsML"

      Embed sportsML documents in a Forrest site.

to plugins.xml

However the problem is that the section

"Managing the plugins descriptors"
comes after the section "Testing a Plugin"

It now completes the test OK

Any chance of adding some instructions about manually adding the
definition to plugins.xml to a section before "Testing the plugin"
and making the error message cleared so that others dont fall into the
same trap?

Thanks in advance

Andy Bailey

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