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From "Gav...." <>
Subject RE: SVG images not displayed in PDFs using Forrest version 0.8
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2007 22:46:36 GMT
Hi Steve,

From: Steve Odlind [] 
Sent: Tuesday, 9 January 2007 2:10 AM
Subject: SVG images not displayed in PDFs using Forrest version 0.8

Hi all,

I am hoping that someone can help me with an SVG-related problem.

Previously, using version 0.7 of Forrest, SVG images would be displayed fine
in PDFs. However, I recently downloaded version 0.8 (SVN 494119), and now
find that the same SVG images are no longer displayed in PDFs, while an
equivalent PNG image will be displayed in the same PDF. The images are
located in the resources/images directory, so I think I have placed them in
the correct location.

Do I need to make some configuration change, or can SVG images no longer be
used in PDFs generated by version 0.8?

Kind regards,


There are a few issues regarding PDFs and images.

Either or none of these may be related, in fact the first one, FOR-635
Seems almost opposite to your problem. Yours can not find them in the
Resources directory whereas the above issue is fine with that directory
But can not find them in xdocs/images. What happens for you when you put
Them back there out of interest.

As there are issues open, they will be worked on when devs have the time.


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