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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: What is the basic transform file?
Date Sun, 03 Dec 2006 14:26:28 GMT
Markus Flach wrote:
> Question from a newbie:
> as i can understand the forrest with translate my xml files in to an html 
> file.
> which is the file where the roles are defined how forrest will translate my 
> xml to html?
> that should be an xsl or xslt file?
> which is the main translate file?

It's all in the skins packages (assuming you are using skins and now 
dispatcher from the whiteboard).

Take a look at our documentation in particular [1].

If you want to get deeper into things than this documentation allows 
then you will need to learn a little about Cocoon pipelines, basic 
documentation on our site with links to Cocoon docs where appropriate.

Sorry I can't be more specific in this answer, but your question is very 
general. Like most (all?) Open Source projects our documentation is not 
as good as it could be, but it does cover very general topics like this. 
Please ask for clarifications of specific points as you need them, 
perhaps you can then help improve the docs by providing patches.



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