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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Dispatcher: projectspecific tab-to-menu.xsl
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2006 08:39:21 GMT
On Sun, 2006-12-03 at 01:22 +0100, C. Grobmeier wrote:
> Hi,
> at the moment i get the following output for tabs:
> <!--+ |start Tabs new +-->
> <ul id="nav-main">
> <li class="current">
> <a class="base-selected" href="index.html">Home</a>
> </li>
> ...
> I wanted to change this in something without list. So i took a look into 
> the corresponding .ft file:
> <xsl:copy-of
>       select="navigation/tab/ul[@id='nav-main']"/>
> and common.fv:
>   <forrest:contract name="nav-main"
>        dataURI="cocoon://#{$getRequest}.navigation.xml"/>
> At the first look, i couldn't see where my <ul> Tags came out, so i was 
> confused.

It is coming from a data factory (dataModel.xmap). If you want to hange
the list to divs, then the easiest is to implement your own navigation

>  I searched a bit and found 2 files called tab-to-menu.xsl in 
> the dispatcher folders. One of them overrides the base functionality. So 
> far so good. I try to copy and paste this file into 
> $PROJECT/.../resources/stylesheets and into the 
> $PROJECT/.../resources/themes/commons/xslt folder but this had no effect.

Yeah, because this location is not enabled. If you really need to
implement your own implementation for the tabs (I think you do not need
this) then you can implement in your project locationmap  <map:transform
src="{lm:dataModel-html-tab-to-menu.xsl}"> and you do not need to change
anything in forrest.

...but that is IMO not needed because you are not trying to get another
navigation into forrest (like one that is not only based on tab/site but
maybe another component). 

> It only had affect when changed the file in the $FORREST/dispatcher 
> folders... this is not very cool, so i wanted to ask how can override 
> this file in my project-folder? Or am i going better with having a new 
> contract? 

Yes, since what you are trying to archive, using divs instead a list,
you can just copy the corresponding contract into your project and
change <xsl:copy-of select="navigation/tab/ul[@id='nav-main']"/>
to <xsl:apply-templates select="navigation/tab/ul[@id='nav-main']"/>
and implement the needed transformation.

> I couldn't imagine how to do that, so you advise is very 
> appreciated :-)



> Cheers,
> Chris

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