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From "Tim Williams" <>
Subject Re: newbie: how to use own css-files and attributes within html-source
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 12:31:34 GMT
On 11/6/06, Thomas Emmel <> wrote:
> Hi Gav...
> thanks for your answer. Yes I made the step to 0.8dev the second day I
> used forrest
> since I have seen some limitations regarding pictures and links in
> generated pdf.
> I tested xhtml but that giving me just an empty page in the end...
> To the dispatcher: I have read only a bit about the dispatcher (mainly
> that this is a new technique in 0.8...)
> What is the point on it and how to start using it?

Here's some info:

> My current work-around is to use the extra-css-section in skinconf.xml
> and
> I added some small modifications to html-to-document.xsl (after learning
> the
> meaning of those rules..).
> However, it would be nice if there would be a way to copy a complete
> css-file
> from the sources instead of puting that to skinconf.xml and I am missing
> a
> realy simple example to write an own filter for my source-files (e.g.
> how to use
> my html-to-document.xsl instead of the global one...).
> Maybe this is in the documenation and I missed it.

You've tried what's described in the FAQ[1] and how did it not work?
If this is broken in 0.8-dev, then we need to know.


[1] -

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