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From "C. Grobmeier" <>
Subject Understanding the dispatcher
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2006 00:32:09 GMT
Hi all,

i have read all docs i could found about the dispatcher. Please correct 
me if i didn't understand something correctly.

The Dispatcher is made of three main components, the structurer, the 
hooks and the contracts.

Contracts are definitions of functionality. They implement no design 
stuff but the can have params etc.

Hooks are nothing else but tags, in which i can write my contracts to 
give em CSS. Example:

<forrest:hook name="header">
<forrest:contract name="my-contract" />

Would put the result of my-contract in a div with the class header.

The structurer is used to put the things in place. Means, i want the 
menu right, ok no, problem, i put the menu-contract in the hook with the 
css things to put everything at the right side.
I can't use a contract in a content-file like index.xml- why? Doesn't it 
make sense for some content to have a contract like "show-img" or 
something like that?

Is there somewhere a document where i can look what tags i can use in 
the structurer? f.e. i mean <forrest:contract> and so on.

I will now read the locationmap stuff, cause i am unsure how to handle:
or stuff like "*.navigation.xml". So more i read about dispatcher so 
more i understand, but sometimes there are these statement and i don't 
know how to use em. Are there other docs which can help me to understand 
what happens with this?

Sorry for this questions, but dispatcher is a too great enhancement not 
to ask about it. :-)


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