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From "C. Grobmeier" <>
Subject Re: newbie: how to use own css-files and attributes within html-source
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2006 10:29:37 GMT
Hello Thomas,

i think you are using Version 0.7, right?

> However since most of our source documents will be or are native html or
> xhtml1 we use Nvu to edit and finish these documents and we use our own
> css-stylesheet.

See this:

Please open then skinconf.xml in your editor. Pay attention to the 
extra-css section. In the documentation in this file has been written:

"extra-css - here you can define custom css-elements that are
     A) overriding the fallback elements or
     B) adding the css definition from new elements that you may have
        used in your documentation."

In Addition, you maybe like this link:

> Is this true and are we forced to write xml?

You will find this link helpful (make: forrest run before):

Depending on what document format you are using, you can use elements 
from this dtd. Beware, i don't know if v20 is available for forrest 0.7.

> However writing xml requires a good editor to avoid going to much into
> detail in xml...

I have only basics of XML knowledge but didn't catch up any problems.

The other questions are for the experts ;-)

> A last question: I am willing to learn in this area but I need a
> starting point.
> It seems that the file html-to-document.xsl plays a big role in that
> case.
> How can I test what is done here?
> Is there an intepreter running (I am using linux) or who is doing the
> translation since the xsl-file seems to be just the receipt how to do
> the word. I am looking for the cook.
> I tested with xhtml(1) too but this just returns an empty page after
> skinning.
> Any help is appreciated
> Thanks
> Thomas

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