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From Cameron McCormack <>
Subject Re: Literal HTML content in a document-v20 file
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2006 02:46:24 GMT
Cameron McCormack wrote:
> > Is it possible to have some (X)HTML content in a document-v20 file that
> > won’t be modified upon generating the .html files?  I have an applet and
> > a form in one file, but my applet and input elements get mangled
> > (attributes go missing).  I tried putting those elements in the XHTML
> > namespace, but this makes no difference to the output.

David Crossley:
> Yes. I use that approach on the homepage of

So the namespace trick should work?  In my xml file I have:

  <table xmlns="" id="data">
        <applet id="chart" codebase="demo/" code="AppletDemo.class"
                width="400" height="300" mayscript="mayscript"
        <input id="ShoeBar" type="text" value="10"/>

which gets turned into:

    <a name="data"></a>
        <applet archive="..." code="AppletDemo.class" codebase="demo/"
                height="300"><a name="chart"></a></applet>
        <input><a name="ShoeBar"></a></input>

Apart from some of the attributes disappearing, I need the ids to be
kept on the elements so that some script in the page can modify them.

> The relevant xml page needs to be excluded from validation
> via file (or define your own schema).

I currently have validation turned off altogether.

> What version of Forrest are you using? From memory there were
> some changes in 0.8-dev trunk (and maybe in forrest_07_branch)
> that affect such attributes.

I’m using the 0.7 distribution.



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