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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Confused by Document v20
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 22:34:17 GMT
C. Grobmeier wrote:
> Hi there,
> i am playing with document v20 at the moment. I figured out, that the 
> <dcoument/> tag can have ID and CLASS as attributes. When i am testing 
> this, there was change. This happens to other tags also.
> I would like to know where there is decided what attributes are used and 
> what attributes are not used. I am afraid i can find this information in 
>  some XSL sheets. I have the forrest svn project opened in my eclipse, 
> so i am able to look in the code. I am glad with hints like "read this 
> class" or "open this stylesheet" or so.

These are defined in the DTDs. See
which also explains where the DTDs etc. are located.

As Tim described, do 'forrest validate' or 'forrest validate-xdocs'.

Also doing a quick search via our Google facility gives
the docs that you need, e.g.

> I also found out that i can have fantasy tags in my document, f.e. 
> <mytag />. This is printed out "as is". Wouldn't it be better to have an 
> errormessage or something like that? For customtags which are not 
> defined in the dtd one could use a special tag, f.e. 
> <execute><mytag/></execute> or something like that. I just want to
know :-)

The existing behaviour is a feature. It allows you to insert
other information into the xml stream. The internal format
is not validated, though you can do it if you want to:

This extra information can be injected via matches in
your project sitemap or can be in your source documents.
If the latter, then you need to either configure your
own DTD or exclude that document from validation via
the file.


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