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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Calling forrest from ant with a specific
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 08:30:44 GMT
On Wed, 2006-11-22 at 11:23 +1000, Cameron McCormack wrote:
> Hi again.
> I’m calling forrest with an exec from my ant build.xml, but I’d like
> Forrest’s property to be set based on some properties
> in my build file.  To test it out first, I’ve been trying this from the
> command line:
>   $ forrest site
> but with that, Forrest tells me:
>   ...
>   X [0]  linkmap.html  BROKEN: /usr/local/apache-forrest-0.7/main/webapp/blah/tmp/build-info.xml
(No such file or directory)
> as if it is resolving the relative path "blah" with a base of
> main/webapp from within Forrest’s installation directory.  In my
>, I notice that the default value of
> is ${project.home}/build, so I guess ${project.home} is initialised to
> be the current directory when Forrest starts.  I can’t access that
> ${project.home} variable from the command line though.

Hmm, works for me with and but normally doing:
forrest -Dproject.home=`pwd`/exporter
should work.

> Any suggestion on how I can make the build go under the current
> directory (apart from doing something like `pwd` in command line, since
> it needs to be cross platform)?

<antcall target="">
      <param name="project.home" location="${exporter.home}" />
      <param name="project.start-uri"
location="/summaries/${bulletin.year}/${bulletin.number}/index.html" />
      <param name=""

I have a main ant file in my customer which is the parent of

tree .

By changing the project.home I can invoke the site generation from my
base app. 


> Thanks,
> Cameron

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