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From Thomas Emmel <>
Subject newbie: how to use own css-files and attributes within html-source
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 15:44:02 GMT

I started to use forrest two weeks ago and I managed to set it up to
do many of the tasks I need to do (write a huge technical documentation)
together with a colleague of mine.

However since most of our source documents will be or are native html or
xhtml1 we use Nvu to edit and finish these documents and we use our own

The problem with forrest so far is, that it will clean our definitions
when preparing
a skinned page (which is what we need).
So unless there is no way to put e.g. "<span
inside the html-code without removal through forrest it would be useless
in the end...

In addition: I tried a lot of methods to add my css-file to the
generated pages.
I tried each and every method described (faq, mailing-list) without
success and
now I think the point is the html-format which will not be scanned
or whatever.
Is this true and are we forced to write xml?
However writing xml requires a good editor to avoid going to much into
detail in xml...

A last question: I am willing to learn in this area but I need a
starting point.
It seems that the file html-to-document.xsl plays a big role in that
How can I test what is done here?
Is there an intepreter running (I am using linux) or who is doing the
translation since the xsl-file seems to be just the receipt how to do
the word. I am looking for the cook.

I tested with xhtml(1) too but this just returns an empty page after

Any help is appreciated


Thomas Emmel <>

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