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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: Create Pages for Forrest
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 09:42:23 GMT

Den 12. okt. 2006 kl. 12.11 skrev Markus Flach:

>> hi there
>> can somebody tell me with is the best way to create documents for  
>> to publish
>> with forrest.
>> at the moment i'm creating my documents with openoffice and than i  
>> save them
>> as DocBook XML.
>> and so i implement those documents in my forrest navigation.
>> is there an other way i can do, i just wann know some common ways  
>> to create
>> content for Forrest.
>> regards
>> markus
> I would like to know how does a forrest enviroment look.
> Which is a a good prgramm to create documents to publish after with  
> forrest.

Your Forrest environment can be anything you like, as long as it can  
produce a format supported by Forrest or one of its input plugins:-)

If your main task is to write documentation using Forrest's own  
DTD's, then I would suggest using XMLMind XML Editor  
( in combination with the Forrest config for XXE  
(available from the Forrest site). This will allow you to easily edit  
and write XML documents that adhere to either the Forrest 1.x DTDs or  
the 2.0 DTD, you will get DTD-supported validation and insert guides,  
you will get a styled text-view (similar to what you see in a word  
processor) but with all the underlying XML structure in place.

I use this combo myself when I'm writing lengthier documents. For  
short documents I just write the raw XML, as Cyriaque suggests in his  

NOTE: XMLMind XML Editor has in one of its recent upgrades introduced  
new features that break some backwards compatibility with the Forrest  
XXE config. This means that you get an error message at startup. The  
error message can be ignored, just press OK. Everything but the table  
menu works as it should. I'll try to get around creating a patch for  
the plugin soon - but no promise;-) You are as well free to submit  
patches, if you manage to fix it:-)

Best regards,

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