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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Re: Changing font size/type
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 10:21:00 GMT
le 04/10/2006 23:18 Paterline, David L. a écrit :
> Hello -
> I'm trying to find a *simple* way to change font size/font type within my
> XML pages being processed by Forrest. I've perused the Forrest web site, and
> nothing has jumped out at me. It seems that all of the sample web sites also
> contain mono-font. 
All you can do with internal Xdoc format is described here :
There is no way to change the size of the font inside the text...
(You can use tags such as <em> or <strong> to emphasize a part of a 

You can extend the format but it's a little more complicated, tell me if 
you want some explanation...

> I am not very familiar with stylesheets, etc., and that's why I'm looking
> for a straightforward way to do this. For example, I can insert a <sub> tag
> within a paragraph, but not <small>.
> Any suggestions will be appreciated.
> -
> David L. Paterline
> Principal Engineer       
> Westinghouse Electric Company
> Nuclear Fuel Engineering
> Engineering Computing
> PH: 412-374-2286
> FX: 412-374-2284

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