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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Newbie to Forrest, with a suggestion
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 03:30:16 GMT
Paul Bolger wrote:
> Hi Laura
> Welcome to Forrest!
> Firstly, when you refer to one of the user docs it helps if you give
> the full URL. There are quite a few pages in that user documentation,
> including different areas for the version 0.7 and 0.8 version of
> Forrest - not having to clarify exactly which page you are talking
> about can streamline things considerably.

The stuff at
(currently 0.8-dev) are the only docs that we update.

Thanks Paul, i added your suggestions to


> The syntax for environmental variables is different for Windows and
> Linux (and you should bear in mind that a large number of Forrest
> users are using Linux) and setting them is considered to be outside
> the scope of the Forrest documentation. Just have a Google around, the
> info is not hard to find.
> Try
> You don't need to reboot/restart Windows for changes to take effect,
> but you may need to close the command prompt and reopen.
> Finally, a tip: Get 'open command window here', a shell extension for
> Windows published by Microsoft
> It'll really save you a lot of time using Forrest.
> Also, another windows only tip: don't put Forrest and your Java
> installation (s) in 'program files', the space in the directory name
> can cause problems.
> Paul Bolger
> On 19/10/06, Laura Stewart <> wrote:
> >Hi - I am new to forrest and am following the instructions in the
> >"Using Forrest" doc.
> >Which, by the way, is very helpful.
> >
> >You will have to forgive me, but I don't consider myself particularly
> >computer savvy.
> >
> >One thing that would be useful to add to that doc is about setting the
> >environment variables.   It would be useful to know whether the
> >variables should be set as user or system variables. I use Windows XP
> >and in the Environment Variables window, there are two types user and
> >system.  I have since learned that I need to add them to the system
> >variables but it would be useful for other newbies to know exactly
> >what to do instead of having to ask or figure it out in their own.
> >Also would be good to explain if they need to reboot for the variables
> >to be "active" or indicate that they are active immediately.
> >
> >Thanks!
> >--
> >Laura Stewart
> >

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