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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: New Forrest Site: ER/Box
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 08:09:23 GMT
Matthias Ohlemeyer wrote:

> Some customisations, which I could not achieve within standard Forrest
> are documented here:
> These include:
>       * Integration of Google AdSense banner and search
>       * Automatic generation of Google sitemap
>       * Fixed width body
>       * Navigation links to the top of the page to reach the menu

There are some useful customisations there, some of which would be 
useful to other users. Is there any chance of you creating plugins for 
them so that devs an easily apply them to the code base? Doing this 
would make the management of your site much easier when it comes to 
upgrade time since there would be no changes to the core Forrest code.

I've looked over the way you have implemented most of them and see that 
there are "better" ways of doing them in 0.8-dev. In particular the 
handling of new properties has been greatly simplified in 0.8.

[OT - your project looks great, I've been waiting for a version of 
Compiere that is independent of Oracle for years - never had the time to 
approach it myself - I'll be taking a close look soon].


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