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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: xinclude
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 09:54:31 GMT
(I'm moving this to the dev list, now we got past user issues)

Jim Dixon wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Sep 2006, Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>This remains uncomfortable, however.  There appears to be no way to use
>>>XInclude without introducing a new DTD.
>>That is correct. You can use a DTD that allows the xi:include stuff, or
>>we could add it to the XDoc DTD. I think the reason we never added it
>>was because we have always intended on moving the internal format over
>>to a subset of XHTML2, we would add it at this point.
>>However, to date we have not done either.
>>Patches to our DTDs are welcome.
> I have defined a DTD which allows me to use XInclude and validate:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> <!ENTITY % local.inline "|xi:include">
> <!ENTITY % document PUBLIC
>     "-//APACHE//ENTITIES Documentation V2.0//EN"
>     "document-v20.dtd">
> %document;
> <!ATTLIST document
>   xmlns:xi CDATA #FIXED ""
> <!ELEMENT xi:include EMPTY>
> <!ATTLIST xi:include
>   parse     (text|xml)  "xml"
>   href      CDATA       #REQUIRED
>   encoding  CDATA       #IMPLIED
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> This works for my purposes.  I enable XInclusion by using this doctype
> instead of document-v20.dtd.
> If this were to be done as a patch, I suppose the patch would introduce
> a new doctype V2.1, with the xi:include element moved into what would now
> be document-v21.mod.  This would be added to catalog.xcat.

I don't think we need to create a version 2.1 for this to be honest. I 
know we *should* but it is an optional element that is 100% backward 

Can we just slip it in without causing any upset? Naughty I know, but I 
don't have the time to do a "proper job" on this.

> The exact place(s) where the xi:include element would be permitted might
> be an issue to some.  I would add it to link-content.mix.

I agree.


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