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From Matthias Ohlemeyer <>
Subject Re: Re: New Forrest Site: ER/Box
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 23:04:12 GMT
- There are some useful customisations there, some of which would be 
- useful to other users. Is there any chance of you creating plugins for 
- them so that devs an easily apply them to the code base? Doing this 
- would make the management of your site much easier when it comes to 
- upgrade time since there would be no changes to the core Forrest code.

Creating plugins? I have not the slightest idea what a plugin in forrest
does or how it can be created. If there is something useful in those
customisations which can be generalised I hope that the documentation on
the ER/Box site will help devs to integrate it.

- I've looked over the way you have implemented most of them and see that 
- there are "better" ways of doing them in 0.8-dev. In particular the 
- handling of new properties has been greatly simplified in 0.8.

There will surely be better ways! I've never seen XSLT before I touched
Forrest so most of the stuff was done by trial and error.

- [OT - your project looks great, I've been waiting for a version of 
- Compiere that is independent of Oracle for years - never had the time to 
- approach it myself - I'll be taking a close look soon].
- Ross

Thanks, see you over there!


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