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From <>
Subject I18n, locale problem?
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2006 07:31:47 GMT
Hoi Forresters,

I'm trying to implement a multilanguage site, and apply the following link in <a href="index.html?locale=nl">Dutch</a>
in my index.xml file (default language setting is English).

When I run `forrest run' and click the link as illustrated above, the Dutch version of the
page is displayed, but this seems to work in an unreliable way! Sometimes clicking the link
doesn't bring me at the right place! And after this I'm unable to return to the original English
version of the index page with the link in it! Only a restart of forrest seems to work!

Has anybody any idea what might cause this behavior? (I use apache-forrest-0.7 in combination
with Java 1.5!)


Verhaag, Gerard,

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