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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Does <a class="fork".. not work with static site?
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 01:13:46 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> >From:
> >Hoi Forresters, 
> >I've tried to build our static site using forrest 0.7 but get a validation
> error. The validation process 
> Which Validation process, an external one like W3C or forrest internal one ?
> >complains about the body-tag in the index.html file that's in the href of
> the a-tag!
> >I use <a class="fork" href="index.html">Link</a> to display the file
in a
> seperate window. 
> That looks correct - correct for a source XML file that is, your not trying
> to put that in
> An output HTML doc are you ?

As Gavin says, you must use a source XML file to enable that.
If you are using html as the source, then perhaps you can use the
old <a target="_blank" href="... stuff.

> >What might be wrong!? Can anybody give a hint! Thanks in advance! 
> Ok, a bit more info, is this a normal .xml source doc and does it use the
> document-v20 DTD ?
> There are some types of file, such as a how-to doc that does not us
> document-v20.

Yes it does. These use the howto-v20 which uses the document-v20.

> I guess you have looked at

Yes. G.Verhaag that works for us. However we use the current
trunk (forrest-0.8-dev) and xdoc sources for our site.

This was recently fixed in the forrest-0.7 branch:

You would need to use the SVN branch to get that change.
svn co forrest-07

Alternatively follow the link to Issue FOR-824 from the
"Changes" page, the follow the link to "Subversion Commits"
and apply the second set of changes (r398541) to your
release of Forrest and rebuild it.


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