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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: is forrest the right choice?
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2006 09:23:18 GMT
Short answer - no, Forest is not suitable for your use case.

Forrest is an XML publishing framework, it is not a Content Management 

Since Forrest is built on top of Cocoon, a web application framework, 
you could make it do all the things you want, but you would be much 
better adopting a framework already suitable for the purpose. I.e. go 
directly to Cocoon or take a look at the two Cocoon based CMS systems:

Personally I think Daisy is better suited to your needs. Lenya is a CMS 
framework and would need much more work to get o the stage you want 
(although gives you more flexibility in the long term). Daisy is pretty 
much ready for your needs now.

The downside of daisy is that it does not store the structured part of 
your data in a relational database and so querying a large data set will 
be inefficient. You can modify it to do this, but if you have a large 
data set you may be better considering Lenya since, as I say, it is a 
framework designed for such customisation.

Of course there are plenty of other solutions you could go for that do 
not use Cocoon as the framework, Apache alone has about a fair few 
webapp framework projects.


chemosh wrote:
> Hello!
> If this is not the right place to ask my question I apologize in advance.
> Currently I`m trying to decide if forrest is the correct choice to 
> fulfill my needs and I hope you can answer that or at least say if you 
> think that forrest can do what I want it to do.
> I`m working as an student employee at a university and as you can image 
> there is a lot paperwork do to.The normal practice here is to fill out 
> word documents with some macros then bring them, or in some cases send 
> them via email to the next department where the document is reviewed, 
> feedback given, etc.......altogether very ineffective.
> My job now is to provide a web-based solution where a user can fill out 
> and edit a form and then when he is finished it is send to the right 
> persons which can review it, give feedfack, etc......everything via the 
> website. So until everything is correct no more printing, etc should be 
> necessary.
> I want the forms to be created via templates so that a new form can 
> easily be adapted and used.
> So in the end the user should be able to view every document they ever 
> created. Easily create and edit new documents and export them to various 
> formats and it should be quite easy to integrate new forms via 
> templates. ;)
> So to get to my question again, can this be done with the help of 
> forrest as basic "framework" for the webapp or do you think that another 
> framework would be better suited for the job?
> Greetings,
> Kai

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