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From "Ken Webb" <>
Subject Forrest sites: Xholon, Cellontro
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 17:23:41 GMT
I have two sites that have used Forrest 0.7 since late last year,
related to my sourceforge open-source projects. If possible, could you
please add them to your list of "Examples Built-With-Forrest".
In addition to running the XML files through the forrest processor, I
also run some of the same files through my own XSLT scripts to generate
simpler documentation that I release as part of the internal help
information for users. I really like the forrest XML tags that make it
pretty straight-forward to generate differently-formatted output from
the same content files.
The two projects are:
Xholon <> 
A Java framework for developing UML 2.0 and other event-driven systems.
Modeling and simulation of cells, other biological entities, and
biochemical networks, using Xholon.
Ken Webb
Primordion <>  
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Xholon and Cellontro open-source projects.

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