Yes, thanks. I only needed to read further and the discussion on "ambiguity" and its merits made it clear how to handle each case I concocted.

Sorry about jumping the gun on the questions.

On 6/27/06, Ross Gardler <> wrote:
Terrence Brannon wrote:
> I found the docs on external refs to be a bit terse.

Patches are welcome...

> Given the external
> refs in the sample site.xml:
>  <external-refs>
>     <forrest href=" <>">
>       <linking href="docs/linking.html"/>
>       <validation href="docs/validation.html"/>
>       <webapp href="docs/your-project.html#webapp"/>
>       <dtd-docs href="docs/dtd- docs.html"/>
>     </forrest>
>     <cocoon href=""/>
>     < <> href=""/>
>   </external-refs>
> I would like to know how to form ext: elements these:

Looking at:

(which may be the docs you refer to above - as I say, patches welcome)

> *


> *


> *

This does not appear in the sitemap so cannot be referenced with an ext:
url. You'd need to change <cocoon href=""/> to
something like:

<cocoon href="">
   <2_1Features @href=" 2.1/features.html"/>

and then use