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From "Jim Douglas" <>
Subject Re: Forrest PDF creation
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 02:45:17 GMT
>From: Brian M Dube <>
>Subject: Re: Forrest PDF creation
>Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 21:31:02 -0500
>Jim Douglas wrote:
>>When I click on the PDF icon on my Forrest created website I get the 
>>following error,
>>Resource Not Found
>>Message: Resource Not Found
>>Description: The requested resource "/xzxzxz/mysite/contact.pdf" could not 
>>be found
>>Sender: org.apache.cocoon.servlet.CocoonServlet
>>Source: Cocoon Servlet
>>There is no contact.pdf file getting created, when I create one manually 
>>and place it in the directory everything is fine.
>>Can someone tell me what setting will create the PDF dynamically?
>Does your file include this?
>It should be included by default. Have you modified any sitemaps?

When I run "forrest available-plugins", PDF output is listed...

I did change my skinconf.xml to,

This is my sitemap.xmap

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<map:sitemap xmlns:map="">
      <map:action logger="sitemap.action.sourcetype" name="sourcetype" 
        <sourcetype name="hello-v1.0">
          <document-declaration public-id="-//Acme//DTD Hello Document 
V1.0//EN" />

    <map:selectors default="parameter">
	    <map:selector logger="sitemap.selector.parameter" name="parameter" 
src="org.apache.cocoon.selection.ParameterSelector" />

    <map:resource name="transform-to-document">
      <map:act type="sourcetype" src="{src}">
        <map:select type="parameter">
          <map:parameter name="parameter-selector-test" value="{sourcetype}" 

          <map:when test="hello-v1.0">
            <map:generate src="{project:content.xdocs}{../../1}.xml" />
src="{project:resources.stylesheets}/hello2document.xsl" />
            <map:serialize type="xml-document"/>

    <map:match pattern="old_site/*.html">
     <map:select type="exists">
      <map:when test="{project:content}{1}.html">
        <map:read src="{project:content}{1}.html" mime-type="text/html"/>
          Use this instead if you want JTidy to clean up your HTML
          <map:generate type="html" src="{project:content}/{0}" />
          <map:serialize type="html"/>

   <map:match pattern="**.xml">
      <map:call resource="transform-to-document">
        <map:parameter name="src" value="{project:content.xdocs}{1}.xml" />

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