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From Holly Edelson <>
Subject book
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 17:09:44 GMT

I found a obscure bug months ago in some mac OS browser version on 
someone's machine.
The output on that OS browser was to show the first menu Label, first 
menu Item, then nothing else on site.xml
as though the div tag was not recognized by the browser (cross-browser 

I traced it to the html generated by book2menu in both the project skin 
and webapp skin which inserts the site.xml data into

<div class="MenuLabel">
<div class="menuItem">
menu item


Tried to solve by recoding the div tags to generate a table with each 
menuLabel and menuItem or selected menuItem into html table row/cell.

webapp kept stripping it somewhere or not reading the element to output 
in td.

Has anyone found a way to replace the html structure in book2menu?
The project css stylesheet, no matter how you tweak the class 
attributes, is not the root of the problem, it is in the
book2menu in the local project and the webapp/.

kind regards,

Holly Edelson
Edelson Media
1 + 801-419-2551
Salt Lake City, New York, Cambridge UK, Kathmandu

Edelson Media is the innovative engine behind and Adventure and Exploration
Magazine. We have depth and breadth of experience in adventure and exploration, and passion
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