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From Brian M Dube <>
Subject Dispatcher ClassCastException
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 02:58:30 GMT
I'm building a site with 0.8-dev using dispatcher. I created a free-form 
(well-formed, but no DTD) XML file that describes the items for sale 
along with their options. I'm using the locationmap and sitemap to 
provide virtual URLs to view the items in the master file. When I 
request a resource that exists, such as 
http://localhost:8888/index.html, everything works fine. When I request 
one of the virtual URLs, such as 
http://localhost:8888/products/categoryX/itemY.html, it works as 
intended but this error is also produced on the console: 
cocoon://resolve.contract.html.nav-section; Line #0; Column #0; 
java.lang.ClassCastException. Static mode also builds successfully while 
reporting the same exception.

In either case the resource is rendered, but the nav-section contract 
doesn't finish and the menu is compromised. I haven't been able to trace 
the exception to its cause. Has anyone seen this? I have a custom theme 
but I'm not implementing a custom nav-section contract.


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