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From "Yale, Wendel" <>
Subject Multiple Site References to the same Web Content
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 16:06:28 GMT
We have web content we would like to reference from multiple locations
on our Forrest-generated web site.  We set up the site.xml file so the
menu would reference the same content web page from these different
locations, the intention being to minimize maintenance of the content.
One example is a glossary page that we want to reference from every tab.
Another example is an executive summary menu sub-tree referenced from
two different locations.

In one sense, this worked fine, the same page was referenced from
different menus on different tabs.  However, the tab and menu context
always changed to the same place (the location of the first reference
discovered by Forrest) regardless of the selected reference location.
The only apparent workaround was to make multiple copies of the target
content, one for each tab and menu item.

What is the best way to accomplish multiple site references?



Wendel Yale

Veterans Affairs

Office of Enterprise Architecture Management

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