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From <>
Subject AW: <code> to class="codefrag"
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 05:23:03 GMT
>How do I get <code> elements to display correctly in HTML output? Using
0.7 and the tigris skin 
>using <code> elements generates into <span class="codefrag">. The
stylesheet does not have a setting for codefrag.
>Can I change the generation so that it generates <span class="code"> or
should I add codefrag to the stylesheet?

>From them HTML/CSS point of view, there is no difference between
   <span class="code">
   <span class="codefrag">
You should have a CSS-selector catching that element ( .code .codefraq )
for enhanced visualisation.

I dont know if Forrest provides extra stylesheets for that, but I think
it would be easier to adopt the
stylesheet instead the skin.

But maybe you found a bug in the tigris skin ;-)

What is the result if you use another skin?


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