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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: PDF woes
Date Tue, 23 May 2006 07:25:32 GMT
Johnson, Eric wrote:
> I'm using docbook as the source to generate my site and most things seem
> to work well. The biggest problem I'm having is with the PDF output
> missing images. 

Since you use *.gif this should not be the problem.

> Regardless of whether I use the Simplified Docbook
> plug-in or the docbook scripts directly, the following code to place an
> image in my doc:
>     <figure id="fig_1">
>       <title>Celtix Configuration Hierarchy</title>
>       <mediaobject>
>         <imageobject>
>           <imagedata fileref="images/configuration.gif" />
>         </imageobject>
>       </mediaobject>
>     </figure>
> results in an empty table in the generated PDF. The HTML looks great and
> has the image in place.

Where are your images located?
For the PDF to display them correctly place them in


> Is there a work around for this? Am I using the wrong mark-up?
> Also when using docbook directly, code listings placed inside a
> <programlisting> element loose there spacing and all run together in the
> PDF. The HTML looks great though.
> Is there a way to fix this? 

don't know.
using the sdocbook-plugin <programlisting> works for me.

can you send the output of the HTML-markup for this tag?
if the spacing is still there,
you may try to format it in skinconf.xml/extra-css
by using

Hope this helps


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