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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: AW: is Forrest easilly scriptable ?
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 18:50:59 GMT wrote:
>>>Know I'm involved in a project that will need to automatically, 
>>>periodically, send pdf documents as e-mail attaches to system 
>>>administrators. Why not Forrest for the doc generation ?
>>>Can I easilly embedd forrest inside shell scripts ? Just 
>>gessing: 1) I 
>>>would generate XML automatically; 2) I would generate png images 
>>>automatically; 3) then I would invoque forrest; 4) then I 
>>would remove 
>>>the pdf file from the 'site' sub-dir and send it by e-mail....
>>I'm glad you say "sie is not a problem". Forrest is big and 
>>clunky if all you wan tto do is send out the odd mail or two 
>>of specific files.
>>One of the big limitations of Forrest is that it is difficult 
>>to generate single files. So if you want a single PDF to be 
>>updated, you would have to build the whole site. This is not a 
>>problem if your site is small, but if it is large it can be an 
>>issue. Forrest is not really designed for one off page generation.
>>Having said that, there are mechnisms for limiting what pages 
>>are generated.
> I am a little bit out of date here, but what would Forrest produce in
> the webapp mode and you request only the two pdf files? Therefore you
> would
> - start tomcat/jetty with Forrest webapp
> - <ant:get> the pdf's from localhost:8080/...
> - stop tomcat/jetty
> - <ant:email> the files

That would work, and is actually quite a nice idea. Simple too, I like that.


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