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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Forrest/Jetty hangs in dynamic mode
Date Fri, 26 May 2006 03:29:02 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Brian M Dube wrote:
> >For the last week or two weeks, forrest no longer initializes in the 
> >background in dynamic mode. I use Java 1.4.2 on Linux and OS X and I 
> >usually update from svn several times a week.
> >
> >After "Note: Use Ctrl-C to stop the Jetty server" the process waits for 
> >tty input. If I bring the process to the foreground, initialization 
> >completes and then forrest runs fine even in the background. Has anyone 
> >else experienced this?
> I have no such problems. Tested on Windoes + Cygwin and Suse 9

I *do* have that problem on Mac OS X on my local desktop.
In the past i have not tried to run forrest in the background.
When doing that today, i get the same as Brian.

Also, i have been experimenting on
with a 'forrest run'. The shell script that starts it
puts forrest into the background. That still works with
today's trunk. That is on Solaris 10.

The only thing that i can suggest is going back to an
old svn revision to find one that works, then updating
forwards until it breaks. For example, lets assume that
the recent Ant upgrade is the culprit ...

Look at the svn@ mailing list to see where the upgrade
Date: Tue May 16 00:20:06 2006                                                           
New Revision: 406862

Update backwards to just before the upgrade:
svn update -r 406861
... do 'build clean; build'

Go back further if it still doesn't work.
After sucess, start upgrading forward.

Looking at the svn@ mailing list shows that
could jump forward past minor changes such as doc edits.
e.g. just after the upgrade:
svn update -r 406863
... do 'build clean; build'

If it still works, move a bit further on:
svn update -r 407260
... do 'build clean; build'

After finding the break, move back to head of trunk
svn update -r HEAD.


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