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From Cameron McCormack <>
Subject IE6 CSS bugs with pelt skin
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 08:16:54 GMT

I notice an IE CSS bug with the pelt skin, as exemplified by the Forrest
and FOP sites.  To see it:
  * open the Forrest site in IE,

  * either:

      * scroll down the page with the scroll bar until only half the
        menu on the left is displayed, then scroll back up slowly, or

      * select the text of the current menu item, and

  * notice that sometimes the border around the current menu item and
    also the bullet on the left of it is not drawn properly.

On sites like FOP's, where the current item also has a background
colour, this is more easily noticed.

Something this also happens to the bullets of the non-current menu

This can be remedied easily, without detriment to other browsers (AFAIK)
by using this CSS:

  #menu .menupage, #menu .menupagetitle, #menu .menuitem {
    position: relative;


 Cameron McCormack			ICQ: 26955922
 cam (at)			MSN: cam (at)			JBR: heycam (at)

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