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From Cameron McCormack <>
Subject Re: Own type of documen transformed to document-v20
Date Sun, 14 May 2006 10:31:32 GMT
> Ok, will take another look, but initially I assumed you wanted to use 
> DTDs as you declared them in your code, this is why it is failing as 
> It can not find the specified DTD.

Right, OK.  I just declared them because, from looking at the sample
sitemap.xmap file, I gathered that was the way you had to do it.

> To my thinking, it was probably easier to create the DTD rather than
> Go around removing all your references to it.
> You would need to declare your <status></status> element somewhere, 
> Either in a new DTD or add it to v20.
> I am not an expert in this, just throwing in what bit I know. Not
> Sure if you can do all you are trying to just with xslt.

OK, forget I mentioned DTDs. :-)

There must be some way I can tell Cocoon/Forrest, via the sitemap.xmap
file, that when a file called status.xml is requested, it should be
passed transformed with a particular XSLT file into a document-v20
document, and from there, converted into either HTML or PDF, as would
normally be done.  Cocoon is quite complicated, though, and I haven't
yet got my head around it.  (Nor do I quite understand the relationship
between Forrest and Cocoon...)

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