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From Cameron McCormack <>
Subject Re: Own type of documen transformed to document-v20
Date Sun, 14 May 2006 09:15:55 GMT
Hi Gav.

> Why do you want to do that, do you need to over-ride or replace 
> Document-v20 elements? 

I just want to have some new elements that can be transformed into
document-v20 elements.

> I think what you could be looking at doing is including document-v20
> And then adding any specific ones for yourself into your Document-v01
> (Actually , looking at it this should be Status-v01)

Do you mean the XSLT or the DTD?

> What you are missing at this stage is the actual DTD and MOD files
>  That contain your definitions.
> So, you need to create status-v01.dtd and status-v01.mod.
> These need to go in a /resources/schema/ directory.
> Take a look at /main/webapp/resources/schema/dtd/v20a/ and look at 
> The document-v20.dtd and document-v20.mod as examples, create your
> Own status.dtd and status.mod.

Do I have to create DTDs for this?  I'm not a big fan of them, and I
have no interest in validating.  I just want particular files on my site
to be transformed with a different .xsl file than the usual

> Also look in the whiteboard plugins, there are some good examples
> In there.

Ok I'll take a look there.

 Cameron McCormack			ICQ: 26955922
 cam (at)			MSN: cam (at)			JBR: heycam (at)

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