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From Cameron McCormack <>
Subject Re: site: URIs with fragment identifiers
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 00:44:43 GMT
Hi Ross.

Ross Gardler:
> That would be good, but don't hold your breath. Patches welcome (and 
> help available on the dev list).

The attached patch to Cocoon should do something like I requested.  It's
completely untested, and I didn't even compile it (it wasn't immediately
obvious to me how to use Cocoon's build system, since I know nothing of

It adds a parameter that can be given to the LinkRewriterTransformer to
tell it to let a fragment identifier pass through, or not.

I made the default "false", so that fragids are not given to the
rewriter, since I imagine that would be the more common case.

Also, I'm not sure why there are two copies of the link rewriter stuff
in Cocoon's repository (one under src/blocks/linkrewriter, and another
under blocks/cocoon-linkrewriter); they seem to be identical except for
the $Id$ string.



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 cam (at)			MSN: cam (at)			JBR: heycam (at)

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