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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Convert xdoc v10 to v20
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 01:52:18 GMT
Web Maestro Clay wrote:
> I'm thinking of converting the Batik web site[1] to Forrest. All of  
> the files are in xdoc v1.0 format.
> Is there an XSL stylesheet available for converting to xdoc v2.0? (I  
> could convert to xdoc v1.3, but I thought I'd shoot for the moon...).
> [1]

I do not clearly understand the history of "xdoc".
My guess is that xdoc started with some other ASF project
(perhaps Alexandria, or Stylebook, or Velocity).
Then Stefano created DTDs. Then copies of the DTDs
went to various projects that wanted to use "Stylebook"
to generate their websites. Cocoon adopted them and
developed them further. Then Forrest adopted them and
developed them further. So not sure if they are consistent.

Anyway try this. Create a new site by doing 'forrest seed'.
Remove the *.xml example files and copy over the ones from
Batik. Add entries to your site.xml file.

I glanced at some of the xdocs in your batik SVN and
note that they use a relative System Identifier for the
DTD. So you have two choices. Either edit the document
type declaration of each doc to use a Public Identifier
(see $FORREST_HOME/main/webapp/resources/schema/v10/*.dtd
for the invocation example). Or copy the v10 DTDs from
batik/trunk/xdocs/dtd/ to /dtd/ sub-directory relative
to your xdocs.

Edit src/documentation/skinconf.xml to temporarily set
disable-xml-link=false. This will cause Forrest to
generate an xml version of each document in document-v13
format (which is still Forrest's internal format) into

There are only a few changes between document-v13 and
document-v20 so you could manually edit them to change
<link> to <a> etc. and change the document type declarations.

Hope that helps.


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