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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: Multiple Site References to the same Web Content
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 07:27:43 GMT


Yale, Wendel wrote:
> We have web content we would like to reference from multiple
> locations on our Forrest-generated web site.  We set up the site.xml
> file so the menu would reference the same content web page from
> these different locations, the intention being to minimize
> maintenance of the content.  One example is a glossary page that we
> want to reference from every tab.  Another example is an executive
> summary menu sub-tree referenced from two different locations.
> In one sense, this worked fine, the same page was referenced from
> different menus on different tabs.  However, the tab and menu
> context always changed to the same place (the location of the first
> reference discovered by Forrest) regardless of the selected
> reference location.  The only apparent workaround was to make
> multiple copies of the target content, one for each tab and menu item.
> What is the best way to accomplish multiple site references?

The behavior is intended and can be better understood by looking at
the way the menu system works.

Checkout my detailed explanations in "Re: Inconsistent tab/menu
behavior" in the user archives.

Now with thid background it should be clear that there can be only one
menu location highlighted per file because the state of the menu is
compiled into the rendered page. So as long as there is only one page,
you can only have one location no matter where you are calling the
page from.

Duplicating content is one way of dealing with this.
Try using

<xi:include href="[reference to originalPage]"

in the duplicates to avoid a duplication of content. It should insert
the content of the original file into this one before further

Adapting the struture of your site to the system is another possible
solution. Have you considered putting those central resources on an
extra tab? That way it would appear natural to the user to be
referred to that tab just like opening the glossary section at the end
of a book.

A third way of dealing with it would be to raise this issue on the
developer list because this is really quite a common problem.

One solution that comes to mind is to implement the duplication of
multiply references content as an automated process.


Ferdinand Soethe

Ferdinand Soethe

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