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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: Problem with plugin 'is not available in the build dir'
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 21:52:02 GMT
On Apr 20, 2006, at 1:02 AM, Ross Gardler wrote:
> Cyriaque Dupoirieux wrote:
>> le 20/04/2006 07:38 Web Maestro Clay a écrit :
>>> I'm having problems getting plugins working. I was able to use it  
>>> previously, but I can no longer even run `forrest init-plugins`.
>>> Q: If it was working before, what have you done to make it stop  
>>> working?
>>> A: I started making modifications to the ODT plugin's  
>>> stylesheets. While testing I noticed it wasn't working. After  
>>> searching the archives, I decided to try checking out a fresh  
>>> copy from svn. Unfortunately (after changing $FORREST_HOME to  
>>> point to the fresh svn checkout) I receive the same error.
>> The plugin is not defined in any of plugins descriptor file  
>> because it have never been deployed in the forrest site.
> Correct evaluation (i.e. not in the whiteboard plugin descriptor  
> file), wrong reason.
> All plugins should appear in the descriptor file. These entries  
> must be added manually at this time There is an issue to generate  
> them from the plugin build information, I've done about 50% of the  
> work towards this, but not found the time for the other 50% yet.
>> Two solutions :
>> First the simple one :
>>     cd $FORREST_HOME/plugins/org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.odt//
>>     $FORREST_HOME/tools/ant/bin/ant local-deploy
>> Second, much more complicated but no need of further local- 
>> deployment :
>>             Define the plugin in a file of your choice (let's say  
>> MyPluginsDescriptor.xml)
> Why not just add it to the whiteboard descriptor file?
> Ross

Thank you both! I've added it to the whiteboard descriptor file. I  
was going to submit a PATCH to whiteboard-plugins.xml, but I've just  
noticed an OpenDocument plugin (I thought that was what I was working  
on! :-). As that question is mildly off-topic I'll ask about it.

BTW, in case I or someone else needs this info Cyriaque meant for me  
to go here:
cd $FORREST_HOME/whiteboard/plugins/org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.odt

(in Cyriaque's haste to help, 'whiteboard/' was omitted)...

Clay Leeds

My religion is simple. My religion is kindness.
-- HH Dalai Lama of Tibet

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