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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject RE: Forrest and CMS
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 18:10:22 GMT
El mar, 11-04-2006 a las 18:20 +0800, Gav.... escribió:

> > > I deployed the lenya plugin and have the docu working.
> > 
> > You mean doco. ;)
> Yes I did, but check your default DOCO Index page, it says "docu(united
> forrest/lenya) and then ... 'Welcome to docu' .

Thanks. I fixed that now.

> > 
> > >
> > > Excuse me for being stupid, but, what are your current objectives and
> > > current needs?
> > 
> > You mean me or Brain?
> I meant you (or your Brain :) ). 
> I also meant now that I have it running, what's next ?

The larger vision is

Next tasks are
Well, we need to fix some issues to really use it:
- remove exit usecase to search indexing on all core lenya usecases (in
discussion on lenya dev - see above)."


"- make dispatcher aware of lenya resource types (I once added a resource
type action to the dispatcher lm but actually we need a different one
for lenya, since it keeps this information in a meta file). That means
we need to extend the dispatcher with meta data lookups. That makes it
possible to integrate different resource types (not only the xdocs based
ones). Forrest will then be able to easiely bypass its internal format
by looking up which structurer to use for the certain resource type."


"- fix BXE editing in doco to have WYSIWYG editing for xdocs."


"- add more forrest specific resource types like howto, ... to doco
- develop strategy to import forrest site-author/ into doco and make it
- develop strategy of live instance of doco (including commits of edit
content, ...)
...and a lot more... ;)"


More task with lenya:
- create forrest enabler usecase in lenya/doco. We need a basic usecase that adds forrest

specific files to a lenya pub.
- create a forrest export usecase in lenya/doco. We need a basic usecase that 
communicate via ant with forrest and invoke e.g. forrestbot, forrest site, ...

The most important thing we need to solve here on forrest is:
"develop strategy to import forrest site-author/ into doco and make it

We should install doco on the zone and start using it like cocoon is using Daisy.

Thanks Gavin for testing that is very important for us and is helping *a lot*. 
I wish more people would do that.


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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