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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Forrest and CMS
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2006 10:12:07 GMT
El vie, 07-04-2006 a las 21:11 -0500, Brian M Dube escribió:
> For those that use a CMS framework to manage a Forrest site, do you edit 
> the generated files or the source files with the CMS application?

The source, otherwise you would need html as input format for forrest.
Possible but not that nice.

> I like that with Forrest I can work with source files that are marked up 
> structurally and I don't have to dig through presentational markup to 
> find what I need to edit. Do I lose this if I add, say, Lenya to the 
> equation?


> I remember discussion of a Lenya plugin for Forrest. Or was it the other 
> way around? How does that situation look regarding my first question 
> above? I'm interested to hear how people use Forrest with a CMS, such as 
> Lenya or Daisy.

I am more then glad to point you to
where we started to have lenya and forrest working side by side. Me and
David Crossley are the only ones that have committed so far, so do
not expect a big thing yet, but like always help welcome. ;)

There is a README.txt file that should you get started. The idea is to
manage the content in lenya and render it with forrest (as two different
pairs of shoes). We distinguish between 
- CMS and
- Render

Actually I do not use the forrest lenya plugin in this work (DOCO) since
I found a "better" way to connect them with the dispatcher. The lenya
plugin here on forrest is IMO the step in the wrong direction. I think
one should add forrest specific support to lenya (with usecases) and use
the dispatcher to connect forrest to the lenya content.

DOCO is heavy dev stuff (therefore in the sandbox/whiteboard of forrest
and lenya) but testing is always helping, but beware I am the only one
ATM to play around with it/giving support.

To have a real use case (maybe yours ;) would help, so just have a


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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