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Subject Re: locationmap
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 17:39:00 GMT
Thank you!  I hope to look into this in about a month, so I will probably 
show up on the dev site about then and pepper you with questions. But at 
that point I'd be glad to help out with docs if I can.

Ross Gardler <> 
03/02/2006 11:46 AM
Please respond to


Re: locationmap wrote:
> Along those lines but in a different area, can Forrest pull 
> docs/sitemaps from Daisy repositories, either with the locationmap or 
> other ways?

Yes, we have a Daisy plugin to do this. You can only do it using the 
locationmap, this means you need 0.8 of forrest, which is currently in 
development. So you will need to check out SVN head, in there you will 
find the daisy plugin at FORREST_HOME/whiteboard/plugins/...

Install forrest, Change to the plugin directory and do "forrest run", 
you will see the docs for the Daisy plugin, which include examples of 
how to get things working. BUT...

This is a whiteboard plugin using some of the latest developments in 
Forrest head. Both are stable enough for use in a production environment 
(I use them myself, and the Cocoon docs are now generated using this 
plugin). However, the docs are not exactly detailed.

If you want to use it you will probably have lots of questions. Join us 
on the dev list and help us improve the docs so that we can move this 
plugin out of whiteboard.


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