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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Plugin List styling problem
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 14:45:50 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:
> On Mar 23, 2006, at 5:03 PM, Web Maestro Clay wrote:
>> I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a solution to an  
>> problem where it inconsistently styles lists. Here's  a 
>> relevant snippet of the Writer's 'content.xml' file:
> <snip>
>> NOTE: The above change was made to both of the following files:  
>> forrest/trunk/plugins/ 
>> stylesheets/openoffice-writer-to-forrest.xsl
>> forrest/trunk/build/plugins/ 
>> stylesheets/openoffice-writer-to-forrest.xsl
>> Any ideas?
> The OpenOffice styling system is tough to get a handle on. I may  choose 
> the style 'Heading 2', but it seems to be that if the style  didn't come 
> directly from the Forrest sample file in the Forrest plug- in directory 
> (even if those styles have been 'loaded' into the  current document via 
> Styles Load [x] Overwrite), Forrest doesn't  generate the style as 
> expected.

Yes, this is by design. It is impossible to predict what someone has 
defined "heading 2" in Open Office to be. I've seen users who use it for 
really random things, not just section headings. Hence we force a user 
to use a defined style.

Remember one of our goals is to provide a consistent look and feel 
across all documents. With an editor like OOo there is too many 
variations of style to achieve the same look in the editor to be able to 
be consistent in the final rendering. The solution to date has to 
severely restrict what the user is allowed to use.

I did implement a partial solution in the past that allowed some style 
information to be passed through as embedded CSS. I'd like to see more 
work on this kind of support for other elements (like heading 2). The 
problem is that there is no guarantee that a user will use heading to as 
a section heading.

> I was able to workaround the list problem to some degree (95%  
> effective) by selecting above and below the list area and applying  the 
> 'Default' paragraph style.
> Unfortunately, I am having additional problems applying 'Heading x'  
> styles. They get translated into <p class="Heading 2"> elements  instead 
> of <h2>:
> <p class="Heading 2">Transaction Types Supported</p>

That sounds like a side effect of the partial styling info I refer to above.

> I think the problem is that I'm starting from blank documents and  
> importing the Forrest-related styles, rather than starting from the  
> Forrest documents. I'm going to see about modifying  
> startup system, so new documents are based on Forrest's 'openoffice- 
> writer.sxw'.

That sounds like a good solution. If you figure out how to do this then 
a patch for the docs would be welcome.

Building upon this idea, I've always hoped that one day I will find the 
time to create a custom config for OOo that will only provide the 
elements we allow.


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